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On-Highway Trucks

Cascadia Evolution

Trucks On-Highway Trucks Cascadia Evolution

Designed to be the most aerodynamic and fuel-efficient commercial truck on the road, the Cascadia Evolution saves you up to 7% in fuel usage compared to EPA 2010.

  • Class 8
  • 60,600 GVW
  • 455 to 505 HP



Trucks On-Highway Trucks Cascadia

Designed with total cost of ownership in mind; this commercial truck for sale is built to maximize bottom lines and build businesses.

  • Class 8
  • 60,600 GVW
  • 350 to 600 HP



Trucks On-Highway Trucks Coronado

This commercial truck is traditional in appearance, yet packed with modern efficiencies and amenities that turn heads while turning profits.

  • Class 8
  • 62,000 GVW
  • 350 to 600 HP


Medium Duty Commercial Trucks

M2 106

Trucks Medium Duty Trucks M2106

When reliability, maneuverability and visibility are top priorities, the Freightliner M2 106 is the answer. Excellent efficiency, from fuel economy to cost of operation, makes this one of the top commercial trucks for your bottom line.

  • Class 5-8
  • 56,000 GVW
  • 200 to 350 HP


M2 112

Trucks Medium Duty Trucks M2112

Agile. Comfortable. Easy to drive. The Freightliner M2 112 commercial truck is engineered with higher horsepower and suspension ratings to handle heavier loads and make a positive impact on your bottom line.

  • Class 8
  • 62,000 GVW
  • 260 to 450 HP