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Metro Towing and our local partners are constantly striving to offer better and more comprehensive services than our competition. In addition to 24 hour, 7 day on-call service for all makes and models of light to heavy vehicles, we also offer local and long-distance recovery throughout Canada and the USA. We are professionally trained and extensively qualified in towing every type of vehicle – from cars and motorcycles; to buses and loaded dump trucks we assure you that we can handle the job. We also offer secured storage facilities in Niagara Falls, St. Catharines, Hamilton and Brantford.

Aside from local towing within the Niagara, Hamilton and Southwestern Ontario regions, our fleet services both customers and insurance companies on mechanical and collision-damaged units. In fact, distance recovery accounts for approximately 40 % of our yearly towing dispatch. We really are everywhere! We provide flat rates for recovery of total losses in Southern Ontario and secured storage free of charge while the claim is being settled. We also offer payment up front for all recovery expenses and disbursements required in order to have the unit released. We are all well aware that recovery is a difficult and extraordinarily costly process. Let us do the worrying for you and get you and your unit back home where you both belong.

Furthermore, our recovery rates are among the lowest in the industry and our incentives reflect repair discounts and other offers to the fleet owner and/or the broker. We fully appreciate the loss of income associated with having a unit in distress and aim to make the transition as painless as possible. Unlike most of our competitors, despite rising operating costs, we refuse to pass our portion on to the customer.

Our team of drivers is Wreckmaster certified and provide customers with a solid base of experience in the towing industry as a whole. Most importantly, employees of Metro Towing are driven not by commission-based remuneration, but by a desire to learn and grow as operators. Whether or not a situation arises which requires a straightforward tow or winch; or the complex up righting of a loaded tractor-trailer, Metro is recommended by all major Police detachments and first responders. Our qualified professionals will get the job done efficiently, safely and all the while keeping losses at a minimum. We believe in taking a proactive approach to all on-scene events. Again, our reputation depends on it.