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Western Star 57X

The Western Star 57X is the latest in the Western Star-X lineup of on-highway trucks. This heavy-duty freight truck can make any journey, boasting a robust chassis that delivers a reliable drive. The 57X proves it has the required toughness, reliability, efficiency, and style on the road. We explore the key features of this truck in the article below to see if it offers excellent value for money.

Key Specifications:

  • Engine: Detroit DD13 Gen 5 to DD15 Gen 5
  • Horsepower: 370 hp to 600 hp
  • Torque: 1250 lb-ft to 2050 lb-ft
  • Axles: Detroit high-speed front steer and ratio rear tandem axles
  • Transmission: Detroit DT12 Direct/Overdrive AMT

Engine & Performance

We love that this on-highway truck has a 5.8% better fuel economy than its predecessor, and the best is it doesn’t lose any of the productivity and efficiency we expect from the brand. The added Intelligent Powertrain Management, which adjusts to road conditions, vastly improves its performance.

There are three Detroit engines available, with the DD13 Gen 5 offering up to 525 hp, the DD15 Gen 5 providing up to 505 hp, and the DD16 Gen 5 boasting a maximum horsepower of 600 hp. The high-speed front and rear tandem axles also help reduce maintenance and improve the truck’s performance and fuel efficiency.

Interior Configurations

Four possible cab configurations are available for the 57X. The first is the Day Cab, while the other is a 60″ or 72″ Mid Roof, or a 72″ Stratosphere configuration. All four designs boast premium leather seats, and you can add an enhanced driver’s lounge to the sleeper models.

The truck ensures you experience maximum comfort with a larger windshield, a world-class HVAC system, and better cabin insulation. Make the vehicle fit your tastes or brand with the various customizations available.

Exterior Features

The LED exterior lights provide exceptional nighttime illumination and ensure anyone recognizes the brand. Further, the brand redesigned the exterior to be more aerodynamic, providing less resistance and tear on the vehicle. The bumper and hood contain aerodynamic air ducts, while the side fairings on the chassis have a flexible skirt.

The truck also boasts 12″ to 24″ sleeper side extenders and FlowBelow wheel covers. All in all, the vehicle delivers a distinctive style that ensures your brand carries excellence to its name.

Safety Features

The safety features on the 57X rival any new car with the Detroit Assurance 5.0 Safety System. This system includes Active Brake Assist 5, and Adaptive Cruise Control. Further, the brand designed all these systems to ensure the driver’s and others’ safety on the road, adding features like Active Lane and Steer Assist.

However, that’s not all, as this on-highway truck debuts the new Active Side Guard Assist, the first technology in this industry designed to prevent blind spot issues when turning.

Find Your Star

The Western Star 57X delivers exceptional performance, boasting some of this class’ lowest fuel efficiency. The various safety features ensure everyone remains safe while this truck is on the road. Find the cab configuration that works for your brand and drive like a boss.


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